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LMT Plumbing and Heating

12 - Dec - 2014

For bathroom installations or complete central heating installation LMT Plumbing and Heating is the company to call.


Welcome to LMT Plumbing and Heating

Central Heating

Commercial Plumber in West Midlands


LMT Plumbing and Heating has been established for over 5 years, we offer our plumbing and heating services to the residents of Dudley and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

Whatever your requirements, our commercial plumber and radiator fitter are dedicated to providing you with the best plumbing and heating service available in Dudley, Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas in the West Midlands.

All work is done by experienced and qualified plumbers.


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Contact us for your local bathroom installation specialist in Wolverhampton and services in plumbing and heating in West Midlands.


Plumbing and Heating in West Midlands


We offer a complete solution to all your needs from bathroom installation to central heating and shower installation.

There is no job too big or too small as we cater to all types of clients in the area from the general public to small and large businesses.

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